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Six machineguns were to follow directly behind. When the German officer became more insistent in his quest for additional information, the suspicions of the Russian commander were aroused, and he changed his tone.

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The other fired his carbine to give the alarm, but in doing so was shot by the Russians, who immediately headed for the first house, followed by the main body of the combat patrol. During the night Russian aircraft scattered bombs over widely separated areas, including some positions held by their own troops.

The attack against the Russian-held hills north of the river was to start the next day, with the 1st and 2d Battalions advancing along the river valley and the 3d protecting the flank to the north map 2. But let me give you a quick overview: The enemy forces opposing the 1st Battalion joined the withdrawal, giving way to German pressure.

The glodark explanation is really good but I do have some suggestions to make the job easier. When the Russian column had approached to within 1, yards of the village, the German artillery, assault guns, and heavy infantry weapons opened fire with devastating effect.

During World War II the training status of different Russian units showed such great variations that generalizations based on the performance of individual units are not permissible. The wreckage was removed to its secure storage location at San Francisco International Airport.

The combat efficiency and morale of the battalion, which had been fighting in Russia since the beginning of the campaign in Junewere high.

Despite the bitter cold, the Russians remained in the snow for about 10 hours without being able to raise their heads or shift their bodies.

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Use positive language to reflect, respect and value diversity and equality. Actually, the long interval between tank and infantry attacks had precisely the opposite effect.

Company headquarters personnel had to act as covering force since an enemy relief thrust was to be expected at any time. A careful study of the examples in the text will provide many lessons in tactics, logistics, and techniques, in the coordination of weapons, in the influence of terrain, climatic and weather conditions upon operations, and in the qualities of the officers and men who fought on the Russian front.

Two battalions were echeloned in the first assault wave, while the third battalion followed about yards behind. Where you work have policy and procedure regarding confidentiality 4. The gap in the wire obstacle line which had until then been left open for the men stationed at the listening post was closed.

Army photos from captured German films. This incident was typical of the first phase of the Russian counter-offensive west of Stalingrad, during which higher headquarters, both German and Russian, often lost contact with their subordinate units.

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The attack was conducted skillfully and silently, and fullest use was made of the element of surprise. It is some work to take off the bumper or panels or steering wheel parts on the Peugeot to track down the horn problem.

Other documents may supersede this document. Although H-hour had originally been set forthe attack had to be postponed until afternoon because the morning hours were needed for thorough terrain reconnaissance by two patrols sent out by the 3d Battalion.

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; High density ballistic nylon fabric with duraguard coating. Leather top and side carry handles, and a bottom handle cup provide comfortable carrying options. Unit Understand how to handle information in social care settings Outcome 1 Understand requirements for handling information in social care settings Outcome identify legislation and codes of practice that relate to handling of information in social care settings.

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Assignment Understand how to handle information in social care settings Assignment composition Assignment overview In this assignment, you will show your knowledge and understanding of good practice in record keeping and sharing information in a social care setting.

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Unit 307 understand how to handle
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