Btec first business unit 1 p4

Also the tickets will sell faster and as Swap Stars did not have enormous amount of time between selling and the event date this would have been a perfect method for remaining or extra tickets to be sold. One recommendation I would make for Swap Star to adapt their marketing strategies would be for Swap Stars to use Moodle Kingsway as most students have access and also go on it on a daily basis whether it is to access for work or check course updates.

In some cases you'll be able to choose modules which may have different costs associated with that module which will change the overall cost of a programme to you.

These can be from the University of Southampton or other sources. One recommendation I made on how marketing strategies could be adapted would be Swap Stars advertising as Moodle would give Swap Stars more exposure rather than posters, as most of Swap Stars target audience would not come out of their way to read posters.

Students may opt to pay for parking whilst on campus, and there may be opportunity to buy parking space whilst on placement. Tech Civil Engineering degree four year course inso he must have got admitted in year or year if as lateral entry candidate.

Another recommendation would be to do special deals e. You may be required to have medical insurance if choose to undertake an international elective. As part of this process you might choose to undertake research that helps to move the profession forward.

Any specialist stationery items will be specified under the Additional Costs tab of the relevant module profile. Another drawback from my research findings would be the time restrictions that the Swap Star marketing team had as we had to work fast in order to confirm our task complete in our next team meeting.

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The results I found through my primary market research were useful to Swap Stars managed to gain important information out of the results. On the other hand closed question were used for simple question such as age, gender, if they would watch the documentary and so on.

Another recommendation I would make for Swap Stars would be to display a short trailer for the Swap Stars documentary. Books Where a module specifies core texts these should generally be available on the reserve list in the library.

If you chose to undertake practice experience outside the locality this will be at your own cost. One other strength of these research findings was that both open and closed questions were used in the questionnaire in order to receive an overall better opinion about Swap Star.

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The research findings benefited us was it helped the marketing team with another very important factor which is pricing as we used the results in order to set a price affordable to our target audience. Books Where a module specifies core texts these should generally be available on the reserve list in the library.

Stationery You will be expected to provide your own day-to-day stationery items, e. A list of the University printing costs can be found here: The Faculty currently pay for accommodation on the Isle of Wight with Spectrum Housing and a Room away from Home only however we are unsure how long this agreement will be place for and we understand that at some point in the future students will be required to pay the cost upfront themselves.

European and international students will need to independently explore costs. We also chose that time period because that the team most of our target audience were free which were mostly BTEC students and staff. However, there are some items where it is not possible to submit on line and students will be asked to provide a printed copy.

One weakness was that the marketing team only handed out 50 surveys this can deceive Swap Stars as 50 people might not be a good representation of hundreds of people that are Swap Stars target audience. In some clinical settings it may be appropriate to wear your own clothes for which an allowance is not available.

Your practical skills will be assessed whist you are on placement and recorded by your practice mentor. In some clinical settings it may be appropriate to wear your own clothes for which an allowance is not available.

Please note that the candidates petitioners in question in this case have taken admission in year and tribunal decision is against the petitioner. This was a direct question which allowed Swap Stars to find out how many people would attend and how do not like the idea of Swap Stars.

Printing and copying Printing of material for study purposes will be at your own cost. Btec First Business -Unit 1 P4. ensure that business activities are carried out efficiently and are need if a business is to achieve it’s aims and objectives.

BTEC Business unit 4 P4

The main functional areas in a business are. Short PowerPoint with the key internal and external sources of finance. Related to British Airways for BTEC Unit 2 assigment. Getting to know your unit Sports Event Organisation 3 UNIT 10 a Assessment criteria This table shows what you must do in order to achieve a Pass, Merit or Distinction grade.

1. When you’re planning an installation for a business or cooperation you would need to plan how you’re going to go about installing the software and when the best time would be to install. Unit Human Resource Management in Business ‘Managing People’ Describe how your organisation obtains the co-operation of its employees through the contract of employment and employee involvement techniques.

GRAFTON COLLEGE. ASSIGNMENT BRIEF UNIT NO 7 PEARSON BTEC LEVEL 5 HND IN BUSINESS 2. Recommend appropriate legal solutions based upon alternative legal advice provided.

Btec first business unit 1 p4
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